Inactive accounts on the OutProud Network

Last updated: 6th of October, 2019

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We like to keep it fresh

We want people to have someone to talk to, so only active accounts are allowed on the network.

To make sure that we have no dead accounts, we eventually phase out any accounts that have not been active for a while. This happens over a long period of time, so that your account doesn't get unexpectedly deleted.

Phase 1

After 1 month of inactivity, we will send you a notification to your email address, and an automated direct message to you on the OutProud Network. If you do not become active on the network again, we will repeat this another month later.

Phase 2

After a total of 3 months of inactivity, you will be logged out of all your devices, we will repeat the email notification in phase 1, and your account will no longer be visible to other users. This means you will not show up in people's timelines, notifications, follower/following lists, in the explore tab or in search results. Your profile will still be available if accessed through it's direct share link.

Phase 3

After a total of 5 months of inactivity, we will send a final warning to your email address. We will also permentantly delete all your private messages and notifications. You will no longer be following any other users, and all your followers will also be removed. These will not be recovered even if you become active again. Your posts, uploaded images and other account data will remain available if you become active again.

Phase 4

After a total of 6 months of inactivity, we will permentantly delete your account on the OutProud Network. An email will be sent to you to inform you of this. If you wish to join again, you will have to create a new account and cannot recover your previous information. If your 20th birthday has passed, you will not be able to register again (More information on this here).
All your content, including your profile, posts, images, settings, and anything else you may have uploaded or saved. No content will be kept, and nothing may be recovered later. Your email address will also be deleted and we will no longer send any further emails to you.
Please note that, after phase 4, your username becomes public and may be claimed by another user. We cannot guarantee that your username will still be available if and when you return.

What counts as "activity"?

Up until the start of phase 2, not everything you do may count as "activity". Here is a list of what is counted: Please note that simply opening the OutProud Network website/app does not count as activity.
After phase 2 begins, we are more open to what counts as activity. After you have been logged out of all your devices as a part of phase 2, simply logging into your account on any device will reset the inactivity timer and your account will not be deleted. Please note that this will not recover any data that was deleted as a part of phase 3.

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